Captain Justo from the Planet Is

The Captain Justo Saga Log 1.1: Gold From the Sky

  When young Marion James Justo gets his first assignment as captain of a space ship it isn’t just any space ship, but the Isian, a gold covered ship that is his family’s prize possession. Just as the ship’s systems are powering up he is attacked by space pirates! Narrowly escaping death he meets the ship’s navigational robot who mistakes him for his grandfather, the captain of the Isian when it was lost forty years ago. Now he is lost in an unknown corner of the universe that seems empty of human life. After repairing the ship and months of searching, Captain Justo at last discovers an inhabited planet only to be attacked by a computer virus hidden in a musical transmission. His out of control ship crash lands on Earth.

  Christopher and Daniel Sterling are brothers, but not friends. A Sunday morning argument over their father’s fishing pole lands them in more trouble than being grounded for ruining their brand new clothes. When they see gold fall from the sky they think all their problems will be solved and their father can come home from his never ending business trips. Little do they know that gold is the Isian and they are in for a series of adventures that will change their lives!

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The Captain Justo Saga Log 1.2: Dangerous Training

  Marion James Justo, a young starship captain from a far away galaxy, is forced to open a portal to escape certain destruction from ruthless Seratian pirates. After traveling billions of light years through a space vortex, and crash landing on Earth, he is still in just as much danger as before…an unseen foe is using powerful viruses hidden inside heavy metal music to crash his ship’s computers!


  To complicate matters Christopher and Daniel Sterling, the two boys he asked to help repair his ship, have run into problems of their own.  A local bully is determined to beat them up, their crazy Uncle Cenric has just framed their dad for stealing billions of dollars from the US Treasury, and now they have to explain the whole thing to their mother! What could be worse than that?


  How can a kid pay attention at school when Home Land Security keeps showing up at the door to arrest your new best friend…who just happens to be an alien?

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The Captain Justo Saga Log 1.3: Homeland Attack

  Marion James Justo, a starship captain from a galaxy billions of light years away, may not be the only alien currently visiting planet Earth. Is Uncle Cenric a brilliant billionaire tech genius…or is he actually an alien pirate just selling little pieces of advanced technology for his own mysterious purposes?


  While Captain Justo continues making repairs on his golden starship, he gives Christopher and Daniel Sterling each a powerful training tool called a Dream Teacher. The device sends training materials directly into their subconscious mind. Their training goes well until their worst enemy, Benny Strong, steals one of the Dream Teachers, setting off a dangerous chain of events.


  Home Land security is closing in, Uncle Cenric is acting more and more dangerous and to make matters worse their father is collapsed in field unable to wake up. Do they dare take their father aboard the starship to try and wake him, or will Captain Justo have to turn himself over to Home Land Security to secure their safety? And worse yet, will their boy crazy sister, Amber, get to know what is going on and ruin everything?

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Captain Justo From the Planet Is - In the original format with 384 pages

  For nine generations the Justo family has traveled outside of time by opening portals into eternity. Flying in a river of fire & energy is fast and exciting, but it’s also dangerous: Captain Justo must be a true & faithful Knight or the voyage kills him! Are you ready to step outside of time and enter the relm of eternity? Danger, life or death adventures – straight ahead!

When a young prince, Marion Justo, inherits his family’s most prized starship he is attacked by pirates, forcing him to open an uncharted portal to escape. With a badly damaged ship, and lost in a strange universe, he crash lands on Earth with only a dim hope of returning home to claim the crown.

  Pirates, starship battles, angels, robots, and holographic humanoids. . . bullies, junior high principals, golden boots. . . the IRS, FBI and CIA all come together in a remarkable story of bravery, integrity and love, creating a reading adventure that will move your heart and stay with you forever!

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