Please tell me what book you have read and what you thought of it.

Quotes I'm not a reader, but this book made me one. Captain Justo is a wonderful story and a lot of fun to read. Quotes
Bob Wyckhuyse
Happy reader

Quotes Great book! Fun and fast to read. Good story, hard to put down even when you?re over 50. My kids will love it. Quotes
Jim Beckstrom
Happy reader

Quotes This book is a very interesting book, and I was very happy to read it. It is the best book that I have ever read. Quotes
Malinika Smith
age 16

Quotes Captain Justo, this is one of the greatest books I have ever read. Well thought-out and has a very cool story line. I recommend this book to all young adults. Quotes
Braxton Johnson
age 14

Quotes Bought this book for myself last year for Christmas. Very cute story and very entertaining. It's great for all ages. Quotes
Lisa Ryan
age 42

Quotes I couldn't get my son to read anything until he came home with Captain Justo. He wouldn't put it down. And then I read the book and loved it. My son is nine years old. Quotes
Jennifer Scharf
son, Alex, age 9

Quotes This is the best book that I've ever read! Quotes
Xavier Smith
age 16

Quotes This is my kid's favorite bedtime story. It is well-balanced, Family-friendly, and engaging to read. My kids love the 'spaceship book.' Stephen Miller has definitely found a new universe to play around with to capture the imagination. Quotes
Jared M.
age 27

Quotes I liked your book so much. My favorite character is Crazy Legs. He is my favorite character because he is funny. My favorite part was when their mother sang to Crazy Legs. Quotes
Dakota White
age 11, grade 5

Quotes It is awesome! Lots of really wonderful ideas! Thanks! Quotes
Paul Schubert
age 50+
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